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SINCE 1996

By providing orthopedic surgeons with custom and precision manufactured medical and surgical devices. Titamed continuously explore adaptive technologies and exercise innovative research to inspire hope and life-transforming new possibilities to address even the most complex and challenging medical conditions.

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TiTAMED – Turning exotic materials into life-changing medical devices

Our customers, and more specific, orthopaedic surgeons, become members of the Titamed family for the following reasons:

  • Besides our years of experience, quality, precision and certification, our skills and personal approach has earned us the reputation of quickly and accurately analyzing their exact needs and custom requirements. This makes it considerably easier to establish a common vision and end result. Surgery is often urgently required and only an aligned and focused approach by all parties involved will ensure an on time custom manufactured medical implant.
  • Most importantly, we at Titamed do not see it as just another part, but as a medical implantable device which can change a patient’s life or have a significant improvement in the patient’s health and quality of life. Resulting in an escalated passion when it comes to producing medical devices.

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TiTaMED Implantable Medical Device Manufacture