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Titamed designed, manufactures, and supplies a superior quality spinal system which is highly competitive in the global market for the following reasons:

  • Ease of use for both surgeons and theatre staff.
  • Patient safety plus reduced trauma – top loading and low profile
  • System has a proven record of safety and reliability.
  • Ergonomic tooling design reduces surgery time.
  • Affordability, Simplicity, Migration resistance, Quality, Reliability, and Durability.
  • Ease of removal.
  • Personal manufacturer support to surgeons.
  • Our pedicle screws enable a unique method for deformity correction which is not achievable using only polyaxial screws.  It also allows for the use of less instrumentation and requiring fewer levels to be fused, which is very advantages for the patient.
  • The uniaxial mobile pedicle screws additionally offer better load sharing between the vertebrae thus reducing the stresses on any individual screw.
  • Modification of tools used by surgeons to meet their personal preferences.

The Titamed Spinal System consists of different types of Titanium screws, various configurations of Titanium hooks and Titanium rods, cross connectors, and a range of other tools to accommodate most spinal surgery procedures to address spinal diseases, trauma, and deformity.  Furthermore, Titamed’s unique uniaxial screws enables new techniques to be used in posterior and anterior scoliosis surgery.  The implantable parts of the system are manufactured from medical Implant grade Titanium 6Al-4V ELI and the surgeon’s tooling is made from high grade stainless steel.  The tooling is often modified to suit a surgeon’s specific ergonomic requirements.

The input and personal involvement of surgeons currently using our spinal system forms an integral part in the ongoing improvement and design changes where all role players’ input accumulates to the benefit of current and future patients.

Medical grade Titanium with full identification, traceability and manufactured to strict ISO13485 and FDA standards.

The Titamed Spinal System is intended for use in: anterior, anterolateral, or posterior non-cervical pedicle and non-pedicle fixation for spinal conditions with significant mechanical instability or deformity requiring fusion of the thoracic, lumbar or sacral spine secondary to the following conditions: Degenerative disc disease (defined as back pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed by history and radiographic studies), spondylolisthesis (grades 3 and 4) of the L5-S1 vertebra, degenerative spondylolisthesis with objective evidence of neurological impairment, fracture, dislocation, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, spinal tumor, and failed previous fusion (pseudoarthrosis).

The Titamed Spinal System appears in The SA Medical Journal publication “The Radiological Outcome Of Lumbar Spinal Fusion Using A South African Developed Dynamic Spinal Fixation System” (click to download) comparing the efficacy, fusion rate and breakage rates of 18 international spinal implant systems. The Titamed Spinal System was found to have one of the highest fusion rates (93%) and the significantly lowest breakage rate (0.3% for screws and 0% for rods).

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Titamed Spinal System
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