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Modular Implants

Patients who require limb salvage or limb replacement surgery due to bone and/or joint tumors, or due to trauma, or who need revision surgery, now have the life changing option of orthopedic implant surgery. These implants are tailored to closely fit and integrate with the removed or missing skeletal tissue, also referred to as “mega-prostheses” or “tumor-implants”.

Titamed’s custom made implants are renowned amongst orthopaedic surgeons for their adaptability, functionality and quality. Titamed works very closely with surgeons to identify the exact specifications and to prepare for any difficulties or critical issues which might arise during surgery.

Titamed manufactures implants for use by orthopedic surgeons during the following procedures (to name just a few):

• Proximal Femur • Distal Femur • Total Femur • Diaphysis
• Proximal Tibia • Total Knee joint • Knee Arthrodesis
• Proximal Humerus • Distal Humerus • Total Humerus
• Diaphysis • Proximal Ulna • Distal Ulna • Distal Radius

Custom Implants

Custom orthopedic implants are required in cases where none of the conventional implants have the shape or dimensions to fit the removed or missing skeletal tissue. In other words, the patient requires a custom-made implant.

These implants are normally equipped with porous surfaces where it will meet with existing bone.  This is to stimulate osseointegration (the direct structural and functional connection between living bone and the surface of a load-bearing artificial implant). This essentially affects the living bone and porous portion of the implant to fuse together, reducing the need for additional fixtures or screws.  A quick turn-around time for design, manufacturing and delivery of custom implants is crucial for tumor patients where time is a key factor.

The input and personal involvement of surgeons forms an integral part in the ongoing improvement and design changes of medical devices and medical implants, where all role players’ input accumulates to the benefit of current and future patients.

Examples of Custom and Modular Medical Implants